The Drive Committee for Motor Neurone Disease embarked on a visit to the esteemed WA MND Research Facility recently. Located at Murdoch University, this purpose-built facility serves as a hub for groundbreaking research. Led by Professors Sue Fletcher and Merrilee Needham, accompanied by their dedicated research team, the Drive Committee had the privilege of exploring the facility and witnessing firsthand the remarkable work being conducted.

The research conducted at the WA MND Research Facility is made possible through the generous funds raised by The Drive for MND initiative. State-of-the-art laboratories spanning two floors are utilised for various scientific investigations. During the tour, Professors Sue Fletcher and Merrilee Needham provided the committee with insightful explanations on the process of obtaining cell samples from local MND patients, their subsequent preparation, and their vital role in testing new and existing drugs.

The establishment of the WA MND Research Consortium four years ago has been instrumental in providing local MND sufferers with an invaluable opportunity to participate in drug trials. Previously, these individuals would have had to undertake arduous journeys to the eastern states to engage in such research. The WA MND Research Consortium not only serves as a lifeline for these patients but also contributes significantly to the broader global MND research community.

The continuous success of the Drive for MND fundraising campaign, which has spanned over eleven years, has played a pivotal role in supporting the WA MND Research Consortium and funding essential equipment for individuals living with the disease. To date, the campaign has raised over one million dollars. For those interested in supporting the Drive for MND initiative and contributing to the remarkable research conducted at the WA MND Research Consortium, please visit here.